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Robert Gardenhire, Minister

Questions from Recent Sermon:

“Perspectives on Seeing the Death of Saints”

September 26, 2021

1.  Some of the perspectives through which we see death of the saints are: 

   a. Faith focused, with Respect for God’s Will – JN 11:21, 22, 32, James 4:15

   b. Future focused, with Anticipation of Resurrection – JN 11:24, I Thes. 4:13-18

   c. Self focused, desiring divine intervention because of our sorrow - JN 11:29-33

   d. Heavenly focused, imagining and desiring to be with The Lord –  (Phl. 1:21-25)

   e. None of the above. We don’t see saints die – (PS 37:28) 

   f. a, b, c and d

2.  The death of saints is “precious” from Heaven’s perspective (PS 116:15). How is this exhibited?

   a. Heaven is burdened for the bereaved. – JN 11:33-35

   b. God loves the saints who die. – JN 11:36-38

   c. God’s is not divinely involved.  - RM 14:7, 8

   d. God blesses the dead who die in the Lord. (Rev. 13:4) 

   e. None of the above

   f. All but c

   g. All the above


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Questions and Answers from Recent Sermons Regarding “God Cares”

1. God’s care for us is shown by the fact that:

   a. He Strengthens Us In All Things (Phl. 4:13)

   b. He Fights Our Battles  (I JN 4:4) 

   c. He Forgives When We Confess Our Sins (I JN 1:9)

   d. He Provides Ways of Escape from Sinning (I Cor. 10:13)

   e. He Chastises Us as Sons (Heb. 12:5)

   f. a and b only

   g. a-e only

Answer: A-E. Each of these scriptures demonstrates God’s care for us.

2. God cares for us – loves us, as demonstrated by:

   a. His grace and mercy (II Cor. 12:8; I Tim. 1:13)

   b. His grace and wrath (PS 111:14; PS 177:9)

   c. His grace and spirit (I Peter 2:3; John 4:24)

   d. All the above

Answer: A – His grace and mercy.


3. Some of the reasons that God allows us to experience troubles are: 

   a. To Grow in Patience (James 1:1-4)

   b. To Strengthen Us (II Cor. 12:7-10)

   c. To “See” Him In Our Lives (Job 42:5)

   d. To Cause Good for Us and Others (Gen. 45:4-8)

   e. To Correct Us (Heb. 12:5)

   f. All the above

   g. None of the above

   h. c and d only

 Answer: F – God truly causes all things to work together for our good (RM 8:28)