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Robert Gardenhire, Minister

Questions from A.M. Sermon:

 January 12, 2020 “When Preachers Pray”

1. Elijah’s prayer for the widow’s son, I Kings 17:7-22, showed what?

       a. The Power of God 

       b. Confirmed to the Widow that Elijah was a man of God

       c. The Power of Elijah

       d. The faith of the widow

       e. C and D Above

       f.  A and B. Above


2. Elijah’s Prayers for drought and for rain showed what?

       a. The importance of the weather

       b. The power of effectual and fervent prayer

       c. How much rain God can make from a small dark cloud

       d. Prayers about weather are important.


3. Elijah’s Prayer for God to send fire was effective in what? Elijah’s prayer after Jezebel promised to kill him was like our prayers are at times: 

       a. Making mockery of the worshippers of idol gods

       b. Showing who is the true and living God

       c. Convincing people to always place plenty of water around their sacrifices

4. Elijah’s prayer after Jezebel promised to kill him was like our prayers are at times: 

       a. Desperate although he was not doomed

       b. Desperate because he was definitely doomed

       c. Ineffective because his faith was weak

       d. The only thing that saved him from death

       e. All the above


Answers will be provide in an upcoming “Closer Look.” Please read the scripture to confirm answers. Please contact the church office by phone (615-329-0950) or by email ( to request prayer, personal bible studies or other information.




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