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L A C E 

Ladies Association for Christian Education

Chapter at Schrader Lane Church of Christ

Everyone involved in this ministry, either as a benefactor or beneficiary will experience the blessings of Christ!

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In 1989, the idea of LACE, for Schrader Lane Church of Christ was born after many seeds had been planted over the years.  The initial seeds germinated after a 1988 missionary trip to Nigeria. After much discussion and groundwork, from the elders and the sisters of Schrader Lane Church of Christ, it was agreed to have a Schrader Lane Church of Christ LACE Chapter! 

On November 3, 1990, the Schrader Lane Church of Christ, LACE Chapter, became a reality! Sis. Cleo Bell was the first President of this ministry. The ministry has been thriving for over 30 years and still going very strong!  The LACE chapter provides the feminine perspective and support of mission work that started in Nigeria and now focuses its efforts helping female students in Cameroon and Port-de-Paix in Haiti.


For further information concerning LACE, please contact the current President: 

Sis. Robbie Clark at

If you would like to become a member of LACE click the link here to complete a membership form.



The Ladies Association for Christian Education (LACE) exists to promote and support Christian principle and quality education for female students in foreign countries.



We believe our first responsibility is to Christ in obeying His Word and responding to the needs of others with commitment and compassion. We will provide support through a broad spectrum of activities emphasizing Christian principle and quality education.

We are responsible to our leaders - the elders, deacons and officers who enable and empower us to be supportive to others through LACE. We respect our leaders' decisions, recognize their merit and value their contribution to LACE. 


We will appropriately respond to their direction and guidance.

We will manage our resources, recruit others and engage the core principles upon them, in a manner that sustains the life of LACE. Our existence and command is to "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature," (Mark 16: 15).



  • Conduct annual fundraisers to support the ongoing work of LACE.

  • Collaborate with the Missions Ministry with international trips to see and understand the country and people to better help to improve their lives.

  • Current support of female students with tuition assistance and school supplies at Brightland Christian Academy in Cameroon and an orphanage in Haiti.

  • Made annual donations to the Nigerian Christian Institute (Uyo, Nigeria) for uniforms and scholarships for female students.

  • Updated the library of the Nigerian Christian Institute by partnering with Books for Africa.  A total of 25,000 books were purchased and shipped directly to NCI. 


Robert L. Gardenhire

Minister, Schrader Lane Church of Christ

Thank you for the ongoing services that you provide – especially those efforts to meet needs of disadvantaged ladies and girls.  Your consistent focus on enabling our beneficiaries to be influenced by Christian education is treasured. Your increased involvement with our children in Cameroon is making a tremendous impact on their lives. By supporting them now, you are setting in place milestones that will guide them to good paths and shape their future.


David Jones, Jr.

Minister Emeritus, Schrader Lane Church of Christ

"I encourage LACE to continue to stay committed to this worthy mission. Being mission focused coupled with challenges and dreams can make an enormous difference.”


For further information concerning LACE, please contact:  

President:  Robbie Clark -

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