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Robert Gardenhire


More Than An Open House


Today’s open house at our David Jones, Jr. Assisted Living Center will open our eyes as we see the excellent facility and open our hearts as we sense the caring services given by our staff and received by our residents. Today’s experience is more than an open house. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


Why does the church own and operate this center?

Answer: The David Jones, Jr. Assisted Living Center, named in honor of our Minister Emeritus, began because of our observation of a systemic deficiency in care for aged citizens in our community. Prayerful scrutiny prompted Dr. Jones to lead us in building our center and doing our part to meet this need. We operate our center because caring for our aged is one of our ways of continuously fulfilling our vision of being a church that impacts our community.


How does the church support this ministry?

Answer: The church financially subsidizes the center through the annual church budget and by providing some administrative support. The center is managed by our Executive Director, Brother Loren Russell, and overseen by its unpaid board of directors (members of the congregation), chaired by Sister Rhonda Hannon-Holland.      


Who can live in our assisted living center?

Answer: Our center is for members of the church, family members and community members. We gladly offer accommodations to anyone who meets the minimum 62-year age requirement, fits within the parameters of care that we offer and pays our very affordable fees. We have move-in cost reduction incentives for new residents. 


What care do we provide at the David Jones, Jr. Assisted Living Center?

Answer: Our caring staff provides assistance including administration of medications, meal service, housekeeping, personal hygiene assistance as needed and laundry service. Activities to promote fun, nurture emotional health and boost spiritual wellness for our residents are provided as well. Worship services, crafts, and other engaging activities are available for residents.


What can we, as members, do to be better engaged in this ministry?

  • Help us attract additional residents. Having full occupancy is a critical need.

  • Take the brief tour today and tell everyone about this state-licensed service. 

  • Make our center your first assisted living option for aging family and friends. 

  • Consider the opportunity to become a periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly) financial contributor to the center as we strengthen our base of support.

  • Learn about volunteer and employment opportunities as you visit.

  • Pray for the residents, the Executive Director and staff frequently.


On a personal note, my mother was a resident at our center for nearly three years. It was a blessing for her and a help for us, her family. Yes, today’s event is more than an open house event. It is an open-eyes and open-hearts event, revealing what God is doing through us. May God bless the Schrader Lane Church of Christ. 

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