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    The start of this year is an excellent time to reemphasize the importance of “Being Well Connected.” Here are some of the plans that will help us achieve our vision of being the “All-together Church.”


       Genuine Worship: The responses from members and guests confirmed the inspirational effectiveness of recent messages regarding prayer. Throughout the year we will emphasize and model the effectiveness of Genuine Worship. 


         Leading Others to Christ:  Seven souls have been baptized into Christ and two have placed membership among us already this year. Our February 16th and June 21st “Family and Friends” days will prompt us to be more inclined and more consistent in inviting others to worship. Our personal evangelism class has been moved from Saturdays to Sundays to encourage more of us to attend and gain confidence in Leading Others to Christ. We have again increased our budget for mission work. Plans for facilitating the spread of the Gospel in Cameroon, Belize, Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, and within the U.S.A. are well in place. We will develop young people for our mission work.

    Loving One Another: We are distributing updated membership directories to facilitate communication among us. Our Zone Ministry has organized into “communities” and launched convenient and brief first Sunday meeting schedules to help members know one another. Our daily call-in prayer line has been activated. We are seeing significant numbers of members joining hands and hearts in prayer.  

     Studying God’s Word: We have planned four congregation-wide bible studies; and we will conduct several class reviews on Sundays and Wednesdays to strengthen our resolve to Study God’s word. On March 29th we will study Leading Others to Christ. We plan to precede this by going into the community on March 28th to invite our neighbors to be a part of our worship and our special events. Our June 7thcongregational study will focus on How to Study the Bible. We will share methods of being effective in our individual and collective studies. The August 29th congregational class will feature How Prayer and Scripture Reading Contribute to Genuine Worship. The November 8th study will emphasize Impacting Our Community. It will be preceded by a Schrader day of community service on the 7th. Each special class will be preceded by a Saturday evening gathering for fellowship, song and prayer. 


     Being Engaged in the Work of the Church: The 2020 calendar is being distributed to inform us of events and to enhance ministry scheduling. The more effectively we schedule, the more opportunities we have to participate. Please attend our January 25th Vision Sharing Forum to hear the plans of several of our ministry leaders.   


     Impacting Our Community: We have already had our first 2020 support event for teachers, staff and families of our adopted school, McKissack Middle School. More events to sustain our effort to “save the children” and nurture the McKissack School families have been planned. 


        We also plan to have a special community impact event on October 3rd. Many of our ministries have 2020 vision and detailed plans to do God’s work this year. May God guide our efforts. May God bless the Schrader Lane Church of Christ.      



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