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Robert Gardenhire

Why Things Happen

     Throughout our lives we have positive and negative experiences. Sometimes we rationalize that “things happen for a reason.” Perhaps more than we realize, it is true that some things happen for reasons that serve God’s purposes and accomplish His will in our lives. Through occurrences in our lives, God’s powerful work is revealed, God’s well-deserved glory is given, our patience is improved, and God’s loving chastisement is received. 


     Some things happen to reveal God’s work. When Jesus was asked by his disciples why a certain man was born blind, He taught them that it was so “the work of God might be displayed” (John 9:3 NIV). Jesus miraculously gave sight to the man causing the man, his neighbors, his parents and the opponents of Christ to see and believe in the unlimited power of God.

     Challenging and exhilarating things can happen to cause us to glorify God. Beyond revealing Him, glorifying brings the praise and honor which He greatly deserves. When Jesus was told of the life-threatening sickness of his dear friend Lazarus, he did not go to his friend right away. Instead, he delayed while noting that Lazarus’ sickness was “that the Son of God might be glorified thereby” (John 11:4 KJV). Let’s expect Christ to receive the honor He deserves as we experience the challenging circumstances and exhilarating outcomes in our lives. 

     Trials are necessary in our lives to improve our patience and strengthen our faith. James espoused that trials expand our patience (James 1:2-4). Peter professed that our trials strengthen our faith (I Peter 1:3-8). Job’s trials improved his patience and fortified his faith. As his widely-acclaimed patience was challenged and his well-challenged strength was tested, he said, “My ears had heard of you; but now my eyes have seen you” (Job 42:5 NIV).  

     Sometimes our challenges are our chastisements. When we are slow to obey God and unwilling to follow His commands, He chastises us as a father disciplines his son. “What son is not disciplined by his father” (Hebrews 12:7). May we respond well when we are chastised by God. 

     May we live obediently in our best of times and in our worst of times, knowing that things happen and that they often happen for God’s purposes in our lives.  May God bless the Schrader Lane Church of Christ. 

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