Hearing That Leads to Salvation

     Hearing which keeps us safe involves hearing the sounds which take place around us and responding prudently. Hearing that leads to salvation entails hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, listening to gain understanding and being taught accurately prior to baptism.

     Hearing which leads to salvation involves hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel, comprehensively, is the good news of Jesus Christ. Its essential message is the proclamation that Jesus Christ died to redeem us from our sins, that He was buried in a tomb and that He, by the power of God, arose from death (I Corinthians 15:1-19).

     Hearing which leads to salvation entails understanding the Gospel message. The Ethiopian implored Phillip, the evangelist, to teach him (Acts 8:37). The Apostle Paul was directed to have Ananias tell him what he must do (Acts 9:6). Those who heard the Gospel message on the Day of Pentecost gained understanding which was evident in that they were “cut to the heart” (Acts 2:37 NIV). They heard so well that they recognized that they must respond. They were taught how to respond.

     Hearing which leads to salvation is always facilitated by accurate teaching which precedes baptism. The disciples who had been baptized unto the baptism of John the Baptizer (Acts 19:4) were baptized again after receiving accurate Gospel teaching. Their previous baptisms were of no effect. The Ethiopian, Paul and those who heard on the Day of Pentecost were baptized only after being taught accurately.

     May God help us to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. May those who hear understand. May we provide accurate teaching which will lead to valid baptisms. May we facilitate hearing which leads to salvation.

     May God bless the Schrader Lane Church of Christ 

Robert Gardenhire