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Ministry Descriptions




The Archives Committee assumes the responsibility of collecting artifacts and documents of memorabilia relative to the church. Items collected are significant to the church’s history and legacy. The archives committee places all items collected in the archives room and periodically features different ministries or portions of the church’s history in its displays.   






Assisted Living Center

The David Jones, Jr. Assisted Living Center  provides affordable, safe, high-quality housing and services for church and community members that need assistance with life skills. Under the church’s leadership, and an on-site director, the full-service center has 34 private and semi-private apartments, and a capable paid staff as well as volunteers from the church. The center operates in compliance with state and federal standards.


Schrader Acres Center

The Schrader Acres Independent Living Center has 21 efficiency apartments and a director’s apartment. The center has a large meeting room, a dining hall, kitchen, laundry and a multipurpose/recreational area. The facility provides safe, comfortable and efficient living accommodations for individuals who are capable of meeting their daily living requirements without assistance. Residents enjoy a garden that is planted and kept with the assistance of staff and volunteers from the church.





The purpose of the Benevolence program is to provide disadvantaged members and the community members with necessary items such as food, clothing, assistance with utility bills and other services needed for subsistence. The benevolence program maintains a food and clothing storage room and distributes food based on applications and recommendations from members. The ministry conducts “sharing-day” activities that include members providing household items and clothing that others may need. Requests for assistance are reviewed by the benevolence team which also communicates the church’s response (either denied, granted or modified) to the requester.




The Bible Correspondence Ministry supports the overall mission of the church through increasing the opportunities to study God's word. The course consists of a 30-lesson, self-paced study that is mailed out on request.  As lessons are completed, they are returned to the ministry for review. Upon completion of the final lesson, a completion certificate is awarded to the recipient.  Referrals or requests to participate in the bible correspondence course come from members of the congregation, requests on visitor's cards and personal evangelism outreach. Persons interested in taking the course may contact the church office via phone (615-329-0950) or email (




The Blood Donor Ministry teams with the American Red Cross. The Blood Donor team organizes drives that are conducted twice per year on the church campus. Team members encourage donor participation by church members and affiliated staffs. They also assist the team by refreshing those who give blood and maintaining the necessary year-round contact with the American Red Cross.




The Buildings and Grounds Committee consists of a group of volunteers who specialize or have an interest in building trades, construction, and horticulture. The committee uses their specific skills to insure the proper functioning of the buildings and grounds on a regular basis. Men and women with skill, interest and training can participate in keeping the entire campus in maximum working order.



The Campsite is a work in progress comprising over 47 acres of land that continues to be improved to meet the intended purposes. The campsite includes a caretaker’s residence, fishing pond, equipment storage facility, restrooms for recreational areas, historic cemetery and areas for playgrounds and athletic fields. It is currently being used for scouting camp-outs, youth and adult groups, church picnics and various outdoor activities. Possible development of the site to include accommodations suitable for use as a conference center are under evaluation. 





Christian Community Services, Inc. (CCSI) is a collaborative ministry of the Schrader Lane Church of Christ, the Woodmont Hills Church of Christ and Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency The purpose of CCSI is to nurture public housing residents and other under-served citizens to self-sufficiency within a five-year period. More than 85 volunteers from the two churches support the program through mentoring, tutoring, transportation and food preparation.




The Christian Pals Ministry goal is to acclimate all new members (by baptism or transferal of membership) to the culture of the Schrader Lane Congregation and answer questions that may arise. New members are mentored by a Christian pal who is a dedicated member of the church, prepared by training and experience, to effectively partner with the new member to help them become well assimilated in the congregation.





The Schrader Lane Church of Christ owns and operates two childcare centers ( with the objective of providing a high quality pre-school education. In addition to regular academic content areas, children are also taught Spanish and sign language. The Schrader Lane Childcare Program’s goal is to produce graduates who are prepared for academic success and are competitive in the most rigorous educational environment.





The College Ministry is designed to identify and connect with college-aged students to provide a spiritually based setting in which they can benefit from relationships with their peers and families of the congregation and participate in the work of the church while preparing for life after graduation. The ministry functions to capture the needs of college students while they are away from home. Participants often have meals together, go on frequent outings, and work together to establish life-long relationships.





The Education program is designed to establish an ongoing educational environment that provides bible instruction and a variety of developmental courses. It defines what a person should know and be able to do as a result of participating in and completing specific courses of study at Schrader Lane. The vast teaching and learning venture includes Sunday school, Wednesday evening bible study, Tuesday mid-day bible study, and Senior Citizen's Center bible study.  The program also includes Summer Education Enrichment Development (S.E.E.D), High Achievers, Youth Learning Experiences, Vacation Bible School and tutoring for all Nashville area students.



The Kitchen Committee consists of culinary specialists and volunteers with training or interest who work together to provide and oversee various aspects of food service to the church. This committee provides service for dinners and special events, zone services to bereaved families, specialized group activities and banquets.




14. LACE

LACE, Ladies Association for Christian Education, was initiated in 1989 with the intent of forging a support of African women by American women. The Schrader Lane LACE chapter focus is primarily on women and girls in Cameroon, but also teams with the congregation’s mission ministry to assess and meet essential needs of women and children in other locations. 





The Library team assures that the library is equipped to serve as a research tool for ministers, elders, teachers and church leaders. They maintain the library so that it effectively provides learning resources to equip members to knowledgably perform duties while maintaining the scriptural orientation of the congregation. The library has expanded its services as a learning center for children, with a heavy emphasis on reading, writing, research, puppetry, and tutoring.





The Married Couples Ministry is designed to strengthen married couples. The ministry provides coaching for couples and brings married couples together in a variety learning experiences and fun events as well. The ministry organizes retreats that center around topics such as strengthening romantic experiences, understanding each other and confronting issues of emotional, physical, spiritual, financial and social health.





Men’s Ministry: The Men's Ministry encourages men of all ages to build relationships that “sharpen” one another, as “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17), through shared learning, prayer, recreation and others shared experiences. Through a variety of connections, and a widening base of support, men further equip themselves to serve God, family and community, while also involving upcoming generations.  



The primary objective of the Missions program is to carry out our responsibility to teach the Gospel, particularly in locations where our efforts can be impactful and sustained. The program’s design includes exploration by skilled members of the church to the respective destinations to determine the real needs in three categories: immediate needs; developmental needs; and capacity for self-sufficiency. Over 100 members of the congregation have actively participated in over-seas missions over the previous years. 





The Nursery Ministry provides care for infants and toddlers during worship services and other designated events. Soundproof rooms are specially equipped to meet the needs of the children while allowing the parents and nursery workers to see and hear the services in the auditorium. The nursery rooms are staffed by skilled child care specialists and assistants. When necessary, parents can stay with children in the rooms as well.






Leading others to Christ - Personal Evangelism, is a key element of our church culture. This ministry is designed to encompass all members of the congregation. Classes are organized to help us engage regularly in learning bible-based and practical methods of establishing long-term nurturing relationships with non-members, with the intent of leading them to Christ.  Members are highly encouraged to get help from ministry leaders and other experienced members to effectively lead others to Christ.




The Schrader Care program provides assistance for fragile and senior members of the congregation who do not have the proper resources or family support. Each person is referred to the team of professionally skilled volunteers that conducts a thorough health and life skills assessment to determine the nature and extent of the service needed. The team follows-up to either provides the services or help the members get the help they need.




22. SCOUTS Ministry – BOYS & GIRLS

The Schrader Lane Scouting program sponsors and leads scouting troops that meet the requirements of the Boy Scouts of America. Scouts perform a wide variety of needed services in cooperation with other Schrader Lane ministries (care and cleaning of church buses, work at campsite, packing and delivering food baskets for benevolence in the community, grounds cleanup and beautification, and volunteering at the Schrader Acres Independent Living Center).



The Safety and Security team continuously monitors the campus to prevent and eliminate conditions that could contribute to the potential for undesirable conduct. The team consists of professionally trained armed security guards, unarmed guards and surveillance camera monitors. They work in close coordination with ushers and deacons; and make security recommendations to church leaders. The capabilities of the team are centered on protecting the people and possessions of those who work and worship at the church, child care centers, assisted living center and independent living center. Persons who participate in certain aspects of the security team undergo background checks and maintain updated training to keep them equipped for the responsibilities. 




The Singles Ministry at Schrader Lane provides activities and events that meet the specific interests and needs of single members of the congregation. The ministry involves members who have never been married and those who are either widowed or divorced. The group focus is on addressing needs that are unique to singles as well as discipleship, ministry collaboration, and social engagement. The participants and the ministry support the mission of the congregation through involvement in many other ministries of the church.




Support Groups at Schrader Lane assist and comfort participants dealing with various issues in life. They teach participants how to face, learn, and work through circumstances and problems that make daily living difficult. Participants are guided through sharing sessions with people who have similar conditions and situations. Sharing sessions include Grief Recovery, Cancer Recovery and Dealing with Divorce.





Computer Technology is a ministry designed to ensure appropriate and effective use of the technologies available for achieving the mission of the church. These volunteers utilize their skills obtained by training, occupation and interest to install, maintain, train and manage church staff and members in effective and secure use of technology.





The Transportation Ministry serves the Schrader Lane members and visitors in need of transportation to and from worship and bible study and helps with mobility on the campus in certain circumstances. All drivers meet the requirements of our insurance policies; and, under the oversight of the ministry leader, emphasize courtesy, safety and dependability as hallmarks of this ministry.   





Ushers are selected members who greet visitors and members as they arrive at worship services and support the environment for the worship service as it takes place. They assist attendees to appropriate seating, distribute bulletins, escort guests to the hospitality reception room, collect attendance cards and assist those who become ill with proper care or engage emergency services. The goal for ushers is to make sure that all attendees at our services are greeted warmly and that they are comfortable and safe. Ushers work closely with the Security team in their efforts.





The Visitation Ministry seeks to keep members who are sick or shut-in encouraged and well connected to the church. Visits are made by members of all age groups. Youth groups, young adult groups and College Ministry participants visit at designated times, while regularly scheduled visits occur on Sundays, Wednesdays and the first and third Saturdays of each month. 





The Women’s Ministry is attentive to strengthening the ladies of the congregation by engagement in a variety of experiences and activities. In accord with the church’s mission, it is dedicated to being all inclusive and to meeting the needs of every sister through edification, evangelism, and benevolence. The ministry seeks to build spiritual networks among sisters that will encourage strong bonds of friendships, reciprocal support, and productive exchange of ideas and information. Consistent effort is given to enabling sisters to deepen their faith and to experience spiritual growth and renewal. The ministry provides wholesome extracurricular activities through various events such as Zumba class, movie nights, galas, game days, etc.  All sisters of the congregation are encouraged to participate in some portion of the Women’s Ministry. 





The Young Men's Ministry teaches and develops boys of the congregation, enabling them to know and understand the basic factors necessary to conduct various facets of worship services. Skills such as the use of the bible and how to speak and dress properly for service are taught and modeled.   





The Schrader Lane Youth Ministry nurtures the congregation’s youth to become consistent and reliable Christian men and women. Ministry activities are educational, spiritual, recreational and service oriented.  The leaders seek to instill discipline, leadership qualities and values that are essential for successful living. Youth counselors are approved by the church’s elders and must undergo a thorough background check before working with the youth.





The Zone Ministry facilitates the work of the congregation by grouping members according to the geographic areas in which they live. These groupings enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the church in responding to a variety of needs. They attend to designated responsibilities such as serving bereaved families, communion preparation and greeting worshipers as they arrive. Just as important, zones are organized to build cohesive relationships among members, connect with the communities and systemically support various ministries within the church.

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